Can Dermal Fillers Migrate Under the Eyes?

Dermal fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment used to reduce wrinkles, add volume, and enhance facial features. While it is possible for fillers to migrate, this side effect is extremely rare and can be avoided by choosing a qualified injector. Migration of fillers is defined as the process of spreading or “migrating” the dermal filler to another area beyond the injection site. This can occur anywhere the filler is injected, including the lacrimal canal, jawline, and cheeks.

Juvederm migration is a rare occurrence that happens when the filler moves before it has fully adhered to the facial tissue. This is why it's important to only get facial fillers from a qualified, trained, certified and experienced facial filler provider. Smoking can also affect the longevity of the filler due to constant muscle contraction and lip pursing. In some cases, migration may be due to the way the body has decided to break down the filling over time.

Using an MRI scan, it is possible to see exactly where the dermal filler is present on the lips, cheeks and eye areas. In very rare cases, migration may be due to another, unrelated disease in the patient's body. Dr. Gavin Chan has discovered something about dermal fillers that has “impressed” him with regard to their longevity.

He warns that the Cosmetic Medicine industry may be driven purely by money and profit making, which can result in patients being unconsciously coerced to receive more dermal filler treatments. It is important to remember that it is common for some swelling to occur after filler injections up to 2 weeks after the injection. To avoid any potential migration of fillers, it is essential to choose a qualified injector who has experience with dermal fillers and understands how they work in order to achieve optimal results.

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