Most common under-eye filler?

Because they are transparent, easy to smooth and less likely to cake, hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common type of filler used in the area under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid provides the shortest result of all fillers, but some doctors consider it to provide the most natural look. There are many different varieties of HA gel fillers and the number of options is increasing. These include the Restylane family, the Juvederm family, and Belotero.

This filler is popular for under the eyes because it is very forgiving for the injector. It is not very stiff and does not tend to clump or cause discoloration, but the disadvantage is that it does not provide a great lift if there is a deep tear. It's an acceptable option but, in my opinion, not as versatile as Restylane. These are newer fillers within the Juvderm family.

Volbella is softer and Vollure (also known as Volift outside the United States, S. They cause less swelling than the previous variety of Juvederm products and are good choices for superficial (Volbella) and deeper (Vollure) injections under the eyes. My slight doubt in giving them my highest score is that a low incidence of inflammatory nodules (bumps) has been reported after 4 months with Volbella. It's a low risk, but I haven't seen this kind of problem with Restylane or Belotero.

These fillers have a different type of cross-linking than normal Restylane, which makes them more “flexible”, which can be beneficial in areas with a lot of facial movement (especially around the mouth). There are benefits to using Refyne in the “crow's feet” area, but so far no benefit has been demonstrated over normal Restylane for the area under the eyes. This is the thinnest and softest version of Restylane, but it also has the highest swelling capacity. Not the best option when it comes to thin skin under the eyes, which does not cope well with significant swelling.

Before and after Restylane (placed with a cannula) for bags under the eyes and dark circles. Both Restylane and Juvederm are popular choices for under-eye fillers. Personally I prefer Restylane for under the eyes because it tends to be firmer and doesn't seem to migrate as much. Overall, I have had more success with Restylane than with Juvederm.

PRP improves the quality and health of lower eyelid skin affected by pigmentation problems and iron deposits that cause discoloration. I have used Juvederm Ultra for under-eye filling in the past and most have changed them for this area because they swell more, are more likely to spread, making the treatment less accurate and the product ending up in a place other than where it was intended to be injected. Before describing the best under-eye fillers, I want to share the list of fillers I don't use under my eyes. Bags under the eyes are most often due to genetics, not aging, so many young people are dealing with it.

But can the procedure be counterproductive? As in, can fillers worsen the eye area? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. That said, rarer and more serious side effects can also occur, such as the Tyndall effect (when the skin turns blue) or death of tissue around the eye. The benefits of fillers for wrinkles under the eyes or dark circles include brightening the skin and restoring volume under the eyes, says to SELF Dr. Desmond Shipp, board-certified dermatologist and director of cosmetic dermatology at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Hu explains, where they could inject a different type of filler into the cheek area to try to decrease the shading from that angle instead of, or in addition to the filling under the eyes. On the contrary, surgical removal of eye bags can last from years, decades or can last permanently. I have been using it morning and night for a little over a week and the creepy skin under my eyes has disappeared. When selecting a doctor, keep in mind that many doctors who are not surgeons choose filler to treat all cases of eye bags, which means that in many situations, placing the filler can result in larger eye bags.

When eye bags exceed a certain level of projection, fillers are not appropriate and surgery is the treatment of choice. . .

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