Is it worth stuffing under the eyes reddit?

As soon as I found out that filling under the eyes is a real cosmetic procedure, I wanted to do it right away, but I did it. I'm so desperate to fix it. As soon as I found out that filling under the eyes is a real cosmetic procedure, I wanted to do it right away, but researching it, I found that many people have had negative side effects (swelling, lumps, rash, etc.) and regret doing so. I have also seen several doctors online who are totally against it.

You are more likely to migrate and urinate (leaves a bluish cast because the skin under your eyes is very thin). I also have dark circles under my eyes and ultimately, after researching it, I decided that filling is not something I want to take a risk on. I have also spoken with a couple of friends and I think I have decided that I am going to do without fillers under the eyes, the possible side effects seem too risky and are expensive. But I will need a refill much sooner than they say it lasts, since my body seems to find delicious fillings and eats them quite quickly.

I wish I had done it sooner, despite a solid skincare routine, I couldn't “leave my panda eyes behind”. If I decide to take the plunge, I just want the lower areas to be filled and not close to my real under the eyes. Like many Indian women, I genetically have deep holes under my eyes, as well as general discoloration around my eyes. The filling doesn't help discoloration in general, but it helps a lot with the reflection of light and with how sunken it looked before in my eyes.

See how you're doing and if you still end up unhappy, consider maybe a subtle cheek filler or facial fat transfer. My injector just does a natural-looking job and has no problem telling me no, it doesn't need refilling or work done here. If you're worried about having to do it annually, you could get a fat transfer for your lower eyes (more expensive in the short term), but I honestly agree with having soluble fillers because it's more controlled in my opinion. After she told me that, I definitely knew I wanted the filling to dissolve, but I have two questions.

You should know the name of the filler used, the name of the procedure, the associated risks, and be sure to get a board-certified plastic surgeon. After leaving his office I thought about how the filling didn't look as nice as the first two weeks, but I didn't let it bother me much. All the filler migrates and the hyaluronic acid is so small that, in reality, a doctor will never be able to remove it all as it spreads. She took me away from her because I guess the filling can travel and end up having semi-disastrous results.

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